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Candy & Confectionery Technology Experts

The Skilled Craft of 

Food Innovation

Victus Ars, Inc. is a Boutique Food Development Lab and small volume production facility focused on Confectionery and related products. We believe success comes from an understanding of theory, execution of research, and application of skills gained through years of dedication to the industry we love.

Theory Learned....Experience Earned


We've learned from some of the top minds and books on food science...and we've 

been doused with marshmallow, humbled by jelly beans, rendered immobile by caramel, deflated by cookies, and have mucked gallons of chocolate. We apply our hard-earned 130+ collective years of technical experience so you succeed! 


Our Hurdle-Jumping Expertise


Our scientists utilize some of the latest technology and oldest techniques, ensuring food safety is at the core of the development process. 

  • Products Designed with Robust Recipe Method

  • Manufacturing Trouble-Shooting

  • Flavor Masking

  • Distribution of Actives  for Pharma & Supplement

  • Organic / Non-GMO / Non-Allergen / Vegan

  • Small Volume Production



Our Product Capabilities

  • Gummies 

  • Soft Sugar, Hard Sugar, & Chocolate Panning 

  • Chocolate 

  • Marshmallow, Taffy & Nougat

  • Caramel & Fudge

  • Bars, Cookies & Cake

  • Frosting & Ganaches

  • Hard Candy


Michelle Frame

President & Founder

Michelle founded Victus Ars in 2014, after purposefully building 25 years of technical experience throughout the confectionery and related industries.

Career Highlights include:​​

  • Candy Hall of Fame Inductee 2021

  • 30+ years in the sweet snacking, supplement, and OTC chewable categories

  • CPG & ingredient experience with progressive technical roles

    • Mars, JustBorn, Colony Brands 

    • Mantrose, Fona, CSM, Kerry Ingredients

  • Hires the most badass, dedicated people with the passion to innovate

Professional Organizations:

  • American Association of Candy Technologists  - Council & Past President

  • Professional Manufacturing Confectioners Association - Lead Instructor Panning

  • National Confectioners Association

  • Western Candy Conference

  • Chicagoland Food and Beverage Network

  • Institute of Food Technologists

  • Executives Club of Chicago

  • Chief

A Career is Launched

While interning at M&M/Mars, 3 scientists were stumped by a product issue. The R&D Director came over noting the tension and said, "Candy is a fun product! if you are not having fun making it, you cannot possibly be successful!" Then sent them home to enjoy the sunny afternoon. Joking together the next morning about cream in blue vs orange cartons, the problem was solved by 8:30 am. Michelle knew she would always work in the industry in which fun was required for success. She had found her vocation. 

This is 3 year old me, independent and clearly already a style icon. When you know how to accessorize with white, designing great things is in your future. This is still my power pose.  Also, I think my shirt was on backwards.  

Every Scientist at Victus Ars has their own story of finding their passion in the Sweets & Snacks Industry. We are deliberate in choosing to work together, and deliberate in choosing the projects we take on. If we are a fit with you, you'll understand the difference that makes. 

Thank you for contacting Victus Ars! We will connect with you soon!